over two months …

since i last wrote…

my ex-husband died.  nobody should die so young.   he was diagnosed with cancer about 15 months ago, and he died a little over a month ago.  he got really sick about 2 months before he died, and there are no words to describe the pain.  it was horrible to see him cry, and i couldn’t help him.  he wasn’t ready to die.

you enter a different world when you help someone pass away.  i was consumed with a peaceful passage for him.  i had to medicate myself for a couple of weeks.  he and i decided to include lani and sierra in all decisions, and to be part of the whole process of dying.

when he passed away – lani and sierra had no more tears.



very sad …but, true

Organic Life

alison lundergan grimes empty dress…

EMILY’s List

#TeamMitch has managed to call Alison Lundergan Grimes a “cheerleader,” a “high school freshman,” and an “empty dress” – is the GOP kidding? No woman should ever be treated like this.
Join EMILY’s List now and call on #TeamMitch to condemn this substance-free anti-woman insult. Sign the petition now! –> http://emilyslist.org/take-action/teammitch-strategist-calls-alison-lundergan-grimes-empty-dress?ws=facebook

i keep singing blurred lines ….

…with this video in mind – what an improvement   ….



Oh Hey this was REMOVED by You Tube & FB SOOOOO here it is again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2M6JUFCCSA

Thicke Parody – Defined lines (Auckland Uni Blurred Lines Parody)


To my subscribers, don’t mind me. Re-uploading for a friend as the original 404’d 🙂 A parody of Thicke’s “blurred lines” made by the folks at Auckland Uni’s…

it’s a mans world …

lesbian sluts …

i’m always being criticized for sleeping around.  i try to defend myself by saying, i always practice safe-sex, but, unfortunately, promiscuity is normally reserved for men.

..the thing is – i like to sleep around – regardless of what anyone may think …...


Agnostic Lesbian shared Lezbehonest‘s photo.

TeeHee! I admire lesbian sluts. They flip off societal norms…twice…

<3 @[104991696320071:274:Lezbehonest] <3

fuck, this kills me …

ugh ….